Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nice and Simple

Sometimes I just love Mexico!  Yesterday I woke up with an ear infection.  These are not uncommon for me here in Mexico.  I get 3 or 4 a year.  Back in Canada this would mean a doctors appointment - a month down the road!  Or it would mean waiting at the drop in clinic......................in the cold!  Unless you want to wait all morning, you need to be there in line outside a half hour before they open the door.  Even in a little town like ours!
Anyway I went a few blocks down the street to a Pharmacy where they have a doctor.  I had to pay $2.50 to see the doctor (which was refunded after I bought medication there).  I had to wait inside which meant air conditioning for about 5 minutes.  She said I had a fungal ear infection alright.  Right next door I bought the 2 medicines she prescribed for me which totaled about $20 and then she refunded my $2.50 for seeing the doctor.............................................

All said and done in 20 minutes or so!  And I am on the road to recovery!  Sometimes I just love Mexico!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fruit is Coming!

            Some of the girls who come to the Drop-In-Center and some of the leaders making cupcakes
Each Friday night is a time of satisfaction and joy for me.  It didn't always used to be that way however.
Every Friday night I go to the church to mostly observe (although the leaders have asked me to do some teaching for a few weeks) the Drop-In-Center we call “The Seed” or “La Semilla” in Spanish.  This is a ministry that we founded a few years ago.  Its purpose was to reach out to the teens of a nearby shanty town who wouldn't otherwise come to church.  My vision in this ministry was (and still is) to pour into the more mature youth in our church and train them to lead this ministry, which they are now doing.  Those first months after we started, really that first year, had its share of bumps along the road.  The youth who were running it weren’t very faithful in showing up and taking much leadership and the kids who came from the shanty town absolutely bounced off the walls!  Well times have changed!
We have mostly new leaders who are being much more faithful and responsible and the kids who come actually listen to what we have to say!  I have encouraged the leaders to focus on building relationships with these kids and that has been happening.  The female leaders will sometimes take the girls out for something to eat after the drop in centre or they plan an outing on another night of the week.  The male leaders just recently planned a night out at a local night-time soccer field for the boys.  They absolutely loved it!  Just this past Friday a mom of two of the female leaders came and began to train the girls in how to cut hair.  Her hope is to train them so that they might be able to earn some money in a respectable way and not end up on the streets selling themselves as so many in their circumstances do. 
I shared a short message from the word with the boys this past Friday and they were all attentive!  It was quite a shock for me!  This never used to be the case.  These boys are changing!  God is working in their hearts!  I have also seen a lot of maturity among the leaders of this ministry as they see that God is using them in the lives of these kids.  What a blessing for me to be a part of this and see how God is changing lives through this vision He gave me a few years ago. 
Thank-you for enabling us to be here to make a difference!

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